Apartments for sale in Ibiza

Buy apartment in Ibiza means automatically receive the status of the owner of property in the elite region of Spain. Here are the most luxurious hotels, the best golf courses and beaches in Spain, as well as spas and properties.

The acquisition of housing in this region is always more expensive than anywhere else in Spain. This is due to the fact that there is almost no more place for building (features of the landscape), and thereare many people who want to buy a villa or apartment only in Ibiza. Enterprising developers increased the prices, but they still have clients. Now they began to build only luxury property, involving the design of the best European specialists. If you aim to buy property in Spain in this region, then rest assured, whatever object you chose will be at the highest level: plumbing, interior and exterior design, the selection of furniture, landscaping area...

Apartments for sale in Ibiza

The average cost of apartments for sale in in Ibiza, Spain is from 1500 to 3000 euros per square meter (depending on the location, distance from the sea, infrastructure and equipment of the object).

The most prestigious town in Ibiza is the city of Ibiza Town. This relatively small town has more than 20 beaches and several marinas full of expensive yachts. The greatest demand is for properties that are located near the sea, have several bedrooms and bathrooms. If you want to buy property on Ibiza, then get ready to pay at least 200 thousand euros.

The largest town of the coast is Santa Eulària des Riu. There is always a lot of tourists, but despite this, here is done everythingin order to save the historic image of the town. Buying apartment in Santa Eulària des Riu will cost around 230 thousand euros.

The most elite area of the coast is the San Antonio. Here, the most of the real estate are luxury villas and mansions, but there are also apartment complexes, offering to buy apartments. The price of such objects is around one million euros.