Buying a villa in Ibiza, Spain

A cozy Spanish island of Ibiza is considered the most famous European resort in the world. From June to September it is the capital of discos and nightclubs where world-renowned live DJs arrange music. For the rest of the time it is a paradise for those wishing to enjoy a quiet secluded vacation with relatives. Therefore, there are always many people wishing to buy a villa in Ibiza.

Villas in Ibiza

The cost of the real estate on the island varies. In the north and east of it, the prices are the lowest. In the southern part of the island and the city of Ibiza, there are luxury apartments where prices start at 15,000 euros per square meter. Our Real Estate agency has a wide range of offers of property for sale in Ibiza and is able to choose the best option for the clients. We take into account their wishes and solvency. With us, it is much easier to buy a villa in Ibiza.

Buying a property at the resort is also a good investment. Prices for apartments, houses and villas are growing because the resort is getting very popular. In addition, many tourists prefer to stay not in hotels but rent housing. In this case, the owners of real estate in Ibiza can get a good financial profit during the holiday season.
Ibiza is not just an entertainment resort, where the bulk of interesting things happens at parties and discos. Ibiza is the place possessing the cluster of monuments of the past; the main of them is the ancient castle on the highest point of the island. This castle is included in the UNESCO world heritage list. Ibiza is literally a corner of paradise and there is no doubt of it. The climate on the island is very mild. In summer, the temperature gets around 30 degrees and in winter it rarely falls below 15 degrees Celsius. To live or just to stay in such a place is a dream of many people. Therefore, the growing number of people wish to buy a villa on Ibiza. So many holidaymakers wants to have housing of their own in this beautiful place.

Our company has been engaged in the sale and lease of real property in Ibiza for several years. We have a large catalog, which represents different price categories and geographic location of objects. We can pick up an option, which is going to suit absolutely everyone. The apartment in the city or villas for rent in Ibiza on the coast is exclusively your choice. Our task is just to help you take the correct decision.