Features of buying and selling of real estate in Spain

Spain is a country with an especially favorable state regime, including foreigners who want to buy homes in Spain. The law allows you to manage your real estate in the territory of the Kingdom of Spain simply and effectively.

Anyone can buy an apartment, flat, house or commercial property in Spain - regardless of the presence / absence of the Spanish nationality, also any juridical person, whatever the country of the registration, the state law fully protects the rights of the buyer.

Buying property in Spain

The perfection of the state management of property can be seen at all the levels, ranging from the purchase of the property in Spain.

The stages of obtainment of real estate (purchase):

First of all the buyer receives comprehensive information about the property. It is stated in the document with a long name: "Nota Simple Informativa del Registro de la Propiedad (abbreviated - Nota Simple)", which should provide the seller. For greater certainty an independent lawyer will analyze this document.

In the Simple Note it appears:

- The full name of the owner and conditions
- The full description of the object, which indicates the exact amount of square meters, distribution, additional facilities and other details.
- It confirms that the property has no charges or debts that could inherit the new owner, and can be legally sold.

By the way, keep in mind that conclude a legal transaction of buying and selling of the real estate is possible only with the owner (stated in the Nota Simple) or his agent, acting on a power of attorney, certified by a notary.

Checking the records in the Registry of Property

Another important document is the cadastral housing information. The information written on it must exactly match the information in the Nota Simple.

That's all the preparation. Now you can open an account in any bank in Spain («Ibizahouserentals» Real Estate agency in Spain is willing to help you with this!) And sign the deed of purchase of the property.