Is it possible to find elite villas for sale on Ibiza cheap?

If you limit the choice of real estate of this class to several conditions, you can purchase or rent a relatively affordable elite villa in Ibiza. One of conditions is that the villa is a part of a residential complex and it is remote from the prestigious areas on the coast.

In this case, it will take a little more time to get to the famous beaches and shopping centers. You will not be too close to the places of entertainment such as nightclubs and you will have less chances of becoming a neighbor of the world celebrity. Nevertheless, the location of the villa in the interior of the island, slightly further from the coast has its advantages. You will live in the same comfortable conditions and close proximity to green natural areas in privacy. In addition, you should be certain that it is possible to find an elite villa in Ibiza cheap. For example, you can rent one of them for a certain period together with several families of your friends or relatives.

Elite villas for sale on Ibiza

As in all Spain, it is possible to find an elite villa for sale in Ibiza cheaply in the construction of a new residential complex. As a rule, the main investor in this case is the bank. This gives an opportunity to take a mortgage loan up to 80% of the value of the property and thereby reduce the amount of a whole sum.

In the area, there they build a new construction you usually buy a villa without complete finishing, so it is often difficult to call the view from the window a picturesque one. At the same time, a lower cost completely compensates these temporary disadvantages.

There is another reason why it is possible to find a villa on sale in Ibiza cheap. If the builders use relatively inexpensive finishing materials in the construction. At observance of all building standards, due to it the price for elite real estate can be a little bit lower.

At a minimum cost of 900 thousand € to 1 million 600 thousand €, you can choose a villa for sale in Ibiza in the secondary real estate market of the island. In this case, it is possible to purchase the villa from the bank confiscated from the previous owner for the debt on the mortgage. Nevertheless, not always this housing suits the demanding buyer because of an inconvenient location. Often the noise from the nearest road or the absence of a picturesque panorama from the terrace will be downsides. A common reason for the low cost of the villa may be the need for major repairs. In this case, the replacement of plumbing, electrical equipment and finishing work will inevitably increase the value of the property. At the same time, the cost of housing can be much lower than in the market.

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