Expenditures related to the purchase of real estate in Saint-Tropez and Ibiza

The Advisory Division of Ibizahouserentals, the Real Estate agency in Spain constantly receives a large number of queries from our customers asking us about extra expenditures to be considered when purchasing and maintaining real estate in these two regions, Ibiza and St. Tropez. Whether the expenditures are equal, or do they differ in various countries all the same, in what country they are higher, and in what country they are lower, whether there is a possibility to spare somehow, and where one will have to open his wallet wide anyway. As Roger Vadim used to say in his day "If I want some sea, I go to Brittany, if I want mountains, I go to Savoy, if I need sun, I go to Saint-Tropez."


The population of Saint-Tropez is only about five thousand people. At the height of the season, this townlet on the Cote d'Azur is visited by about two million people. Ibiza is a small historic city where everywhere one can feel the weight of history. You cannot just walk across without feeling it. According to the population census, 2006, the population of Ibiza numbers 114 thousand people.

How to get to these two resort towns? The "Nice" airport hold the third place for passenger traffic in France, and it is an hour's drive from Saint Tropez. The "Evissa" Airport is just a fifteen minute drive from the center of Ibiza.

What you can expect with a rough budget of 600.000-700.000 euros. Because the first question asked after the greeting when one visits a real estate agency in Ibiza, sounds: "What's your budget?"


In Saint-Tropez for this money one can buy a small house in one of the residences next to several neighboring houses, in some cases, one may also have a view of the sea or the bay, or apartment, in one of several multi-storey buildings located right at the vehicular entrance to the townlet. Thereat, this apartment will have two or three bedrooms. At the same time, in the heart of the townlet, in small streets adjacent to the central square, for this amount one can buy only a studio. On Ibiza, there is an opportunity to purchase a detached house with a small plot away from the sea, in the center of the island, and a small penthouse in the heart of the old city, perhaps even with a sea view.

It is up to you to decide, whether to buy a house in Saint-Tropez or a Penthouse in Ibiza, but in any case, these are excellent options for permanent residence and investment, since real estate in these geographic areas are always popular and profitable.