A lot of foreign buyers of Spanish property select Ibiza

According to the statement of the director of the CBRE agency, Patricio Palomar: "The share of foreigners in the total amount spent on real estate in Spain operations had 36.15% over the last years." The citizens of Great Britain, Russia, China, Belgium, Germany, Norway, France, and Italy hold leading positions among the buyers. Since recently, the buyers from Latin America and the Arab States have been active.

The most favorite region for almost all foreign purchasers is the Spanish coast. Most people from other countries are choosing real estate for sale in Spain as a second home, which is also a good way to the profitable investment of money.

Real estate in Ibiza

Preferences of foreign citizens purchasing Spanish property

1. The English often choose the Costa del Sol real estate in Ibiza. Since recently, this category of customers both have been buying and have been selling the property. They usually acquire the property of the average price category.

2. The Russians are more interested in real estate on the Costa Blanca. In addition, they often become the owners of property in Alicante and Catalonia. They prefer large houses and villas located on spacious plots of land not too far from the town outskirts. They look for the objects that allow them to feel at ease. When they finish their housing, they make them luxurious and eye-catching. When doing a transaction they often show distrust and employ the services of their own interpreter.

3. The Germans like the Costa Blanca and the Balearic Islands, along with especially attractive real estate in Ibiza. They appreciate spacious rooms, high-quality finish, and the presence of parquet. When they select an object, their choice depends on its proximity to the modern medical center and the sea. They are meticulous about the cost of housing and buy it mainly for a permanent residence in retirement.

4. Costa Brava, Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca are the most popular among Norwegians. They acquire 2 or 3-storeyed vacation homes but only those ones that are located in close proximity to the city with good infrastructure. While signing a contract they are very scrupulous with regard to compliance with the legislation.

5. The French choose Almeria and the Costa Brava and do not show favor to any particular type of real estate. Making a purchase, they speak mostly in French and pay a lot of attention to taxation.