Spain has achieved a title of a world leader in the number of beaches with blue flags

This year, 573 beaches and 108 ports awarded the Blue Flag for their excellent bathing water quality and safety. According to news agencies, this figure has increased in comparison with the previous year by 34 units (11 mooring areas and 23 beaches). According to José Ramón Sánchez Moro, the Chairman of the Association of Consumer and Environmental Education (ADEAC), the country has managed to break the world record. It has confirmed its leadership established in 1987.

Beaches with blue flags

In the world ranking, the list of countries with the clean beaches also includes Greece, which has received 407 Blue Flags, Turkey with its 397 flags. France has 379 flags and Portugal possesses 298 beaches, which are awarded this highest environmental award.

In terms of increasing the number of flags, Spanish regions with the cleanest beaches were very uneven. For example, in Catalonia, Cantabria and Asturias they added only one flag, in Extremadura, Ceuta and Melilla there were no changes, but Murcia and the Balearic Islands showed a positive trend. Although, according to Sánchez Moro, this is due to the return of previously lost recognition marks.

The list of regions with a record number of clean beaches looks as follows:

- 123 flags in Galicia;
- 120 in Valencia;
- 89 in Catalonia;
- 81 in Andalusia;
- 61 in the Balearic Islands;
- 43 in the Canary Islands;
- 31 in Murcia.

The biggest number of the Blue Flags (24) got the yacht ports of the Balearic Islands and Catalonia.
In general, 240 Spanish municipalities competed for the right to receive this recognition mark and 216 of them were able to get things done.

At the ceremony announcing winning beaches and ports, Isabel Borrego, the secretary of the state on tourism issues, stated that Spanish beaches have always been of high quality and they deserved their recognition marks. She also noted that the total length of the Spanish coastline is close to 8 thousand kilometers. She added that at many beaches they have 300 days of sunny days per year. Borrego is confident that these are the characteristics attracting the large number of tourists and purchasing property in Spain positively influences the economy of the country.