Club holiday in Ibiza in Spain

Ibiza is the most popular resort of the club holidays. Incendiary music from the best DJs, unrestrained entertainment and freedom will give you round the clock fun.

However, this endless enchanting nightlife lasts only in summer. In winter, it is just a quiet and calm Spanish island.
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We guarantee that everyone will find the entertainment for their liking here, and you will have a wonderful holiday in Spain in Ibiza.

Holiday in Spain in Ibiza

Starting from the middle of spring until the beginning of autumn, this resort forgets about sleeping. Young people come on sparkling and bubbling Ibiza from all over the world. They arrive not only for recreation. They come also in order to experience the most pleasant fatigue, which goes from nightlife and nightclub parties. Famous DJs play the exclusive incendiary music; organize dancing in discotheques and beaches. To tell the truth, not only the sun, air and beaches attract the youngsters but the world of eternal youth, music, and entertainment.

In the end of May, the best clubs organize parties dedicated to the opening of the club season, and they work until October without weekends.

The best nightclubs in Ibiza

It is difficult to say that any club is the best here. All of them have the features of the best ones in the world. They play the best music, thanks to the performance of the best DJs. You will forget the words "boredom", "longing", and "idleness" here.

The most reasonable idea would be to highlight the club "Pacha", as it is one of the first on the island. Moreover, it works not only in summer but also in winter (though only on weekends). It is another distinctive feature of the club. It has many branches all over the world, and a lot of people know its logo: cherries - a symbol of a beautiful, successful and sweet life.

"Amnesia" is another leading club, and the customers can call it a veteran since the building in which it works appeared in the 18th century. They chose the name not by chance. They planned that those who came to have a rest at parties would forget about their troubles and problems during the rest. To be fair, we should note that the club has fully justified its name!

The third of the top three clubs are is "Privilege". It is the biggest in the world, and, thus, it got into the Guinness Book of Records for its capacity. One more distinctive feature is that the DJ console is located right in the middle of the pool. Besides, which is the most important; this club became famous throughout the world when they appear in a video of Freddie Mercury for the song "Barcelona".