House in Ibiza - the best investment

Choose the most attractive and sought-after Spanish coast and buy a house in Ibiza.

For the benefit of buying Spanish property in this part of the country says the stunningly favorable climatic conditions (average annual air temperature is 20 degrees, mild winters and comfortable summers), beautiful nature, as well as a high level of infrastructure development. In addition, buying a house in Ibiza means getting a real estate property in one of the best resorts in Europe, that automatically gives you the opportunity to make serious cash on the provision of a long-term or short-term lease at a fairly reasonable prices, because there is full of foreigners and Spanish residents who come on holiday to the Mediterranean Sea all year round.

House in Ibiza

Houses in Ibiza are especially popular among those who prefer luxury and comfort in expensive real estate. That's why they pay large sums of money for the square meters in Ibiza, it's the most prestigious Spanish region.

If you compare houses and villas in this and other coastal regions of Spain, so you will see that the housing prices are lower at the other resorts, but there is no such number of sunny days per year, as well as an architecture and infrastructure.

The most popular targets are considered to be those that are located in prime locations in the territory of a luxury urbanization near the sea, the main infrastructure and beach areas.

Everything there is made not only for comfortable living and recreation, but also for the best quality and expensive leisure: golf course, luxury clubs and fancy restaurants, marina and much more. Choosing really elite real estate, take a look at these options in expensive settlements.

Prices for houses in the Spanish Ibiza start from 500 thousand euros, but it is the cheapest option. If you want to have a swimming pool, large garden, private pond or a great vies, so get ready to pay more.