Buy a house in Spain

Did you decide to buy a house in Spain? Congratulations, you have chosen the right country: the mild climate, fertile land, good infrastructure and a truly paradisiacal spot for tourism and residence throughout the state. Before contacting the real estate agencies, decide what you wish for and match them with your own capabilities.

Buy a house in Spain

What criteria affect to the price when buying a house?

1. The distance from the sea. In Spain, this factor is more valuable than the amount of square meters.

2. The view from the window. If the house in Spain has a window facing the sea, its price grows significantly.

3. The state of property. You have to considerate the year of construction, the finish works and design.

4. Furniture and appliances. In the expensive villas is included all from this category, large and small appliances and exclusive items of furniture of fine wood.

5. The presence of additional structures and facilities. Swimming pool, garage, small private garden and a tennis court are considered as luxury, for which you need to pay extra.

Among a variety of Spanish of property, you may meet "finca". It is also a kind of house; its characteristic feature is the presence of a large plot of land (10 thousand. M²). Spanish finca is a true symbol of power and prestige since the days when agriculture was the main occupation, for income. Such house in Spain is almost always a big building with a rich history, which has been a home for several generations of one family.

Your property can also be located in the urbanization - a residential complex, built by one developer. There are several types of property on the territory, including individual houses. The urbanization has everything for a comfortable stay:

• Parking (underground garage in general),
• Swimming pools,
• Open or closed areas for walking,
• Recreation area.

If we talk about the prestige, the luxury residential complexes are frequent. But to buy it today it is not necessary a lot of money, because the rich people who bought property before the crisis, today gladly put it for sale for much cheaper.

There are a lot of options to buy a house with many facilities at good prices. The only one thing you can't do is to buy a house with a personal piece of the beach, because the coastal line is the property of the state and all its citizens.