Buying a house in Ibiza

A beautiful island in the Mediterranean has attracted the attention of tourists from around the world for decades. The mild climate and clean sea - nothing could be better for your rest. So many people try to find a gap in their schedule in a week or two, and come here for a vacation. Buying a house in Ibiza is not affordable for all, since every year the cost of housing per square meter increases here. In this case, it is worth the money. It is so cool to have the house of your own in one of the best resorts in the world!

House in Ibiza

We have to admit that the property in Ibiza, Spain is a great investment. Many visitors prefer to rent a villa or a house for the whole duration of their stay. The active tourist season lasts from June to September, so those who have been able to buy a house in Ibiza can make good money on the rental property at this time of year. At the end of the tourist season, the island becomes a wonderfully quiet place to live. What else should a person who is tired of city life seek?

Winter in Ibiza is extremely soft. The temperature rarely drops below 15 degrees Celsius. The sea is warm from April until November. Along with the enjoyable sea and the climate, there are some historical places of interest. The local castle is the main historical monument of architecture, which is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is located on the highest point of the island. In general, the history and modern life are very closely intertwined in Ibiza. This is one of those towns, which is able to involve into a fun activity people of different ages. The fans of peaceful, even secluded relaxation, like this quiet somewhat wild beach and the beautiful nature in the north of the island. Meanwhile, in the south of the island stormy life is in full swing! Fine beaches, five-star hotels, luxury villas, nightclubs and famous DJs from all over the world. That is enough for lovers of active parties.

Our Real Estate agency in Spain Ibizahouserentals offers villas for sale in Ibiza, as well as other various real estate options on this beautiful island. We will select the best option for you since we have a great experience. Besides, we have a large base of proposals, ranging from small apartments to luxury villas on the Mediterranean coast. There are also options for rental properties in the period of influx of tourists. The choice is up to you. If you want to buy a house in Ibiza, you should contact us.