Property Selection in Spain

Many people want to buy property in Spain but before doing it you need to clarify some important peculiarities.

Both a resident and a resident of another country can buy property in Spain. The purchase is available to legal entities and individuals, and the main conditions are the availability of a passport and sufficient amount of money. Any other documents and permits for the purchase of real estate are not required. You should realize that only the owner or a person who has a notarization from the owner can sale the real estate.

Buy property in Spain

How to get to Spain

In Spain, 48 airports are ready to meet you; so many people prefer to get to this country by airplane. The largest airports are located in Madrid, Seville, Alicante, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, and Ibiza. The airports of Madrid and Barcelona carry out the greater part of international flights. Some people prefer to travel to Spain by bus. This way is much cheaper; however, it takes a good deal of time. You can use a bus to get to almost any mid-sized and large city of Spain. Others like to travel by train because in Spain there is a highly developed network of railways.

The process of buying a property

In the city of interest, you can rent an inexpensive apartment for a few months. So you can get acquainted with the options of real estate and visit the objects together with a realtor. If your financial opportunities are limited, you can take an orientation tour. Many companies often offer such trips. The websites of various companies accompany the real estate with detailed photos. Although in practice, very few people buy housing based only on photographs of the property.

After the buyers have decided on the options of real estate, they are ready to make a purchase and open accounts on their names. They make all payments to this account. This account will serve for withdrawal of funds for utilities, insurance, taxes. If they buy the property on hire-purchase system, they should pay mortgage fees.

People must register the Spanish property in the property register (Registro de Propiedad). This registry contains all the necessary information:
Information about the owner;

  • Cadastral value of real estate;
  • Total area;
  • Information about the debts of the owner.

Acquisition of real estate in Spain is a very simple and safe procedure. Contacting experts and buying a house will not take long, and it will be a great investment