Renting a villa in Ibiza with sea view

The second most important tourist center of the island unitesthe town of Santa Eulariyadel Rio and the surrounding villages of Santa Gertrudes, Jesús and San Carlos. This is one of the favorite holiday destinations for representatives of creative professions. The pleasant climate attracts them, and they enjoy the opportunity to rent a villa in Ibiza with sea view on favorable terms.

Renting a villa in Ibiza

You can start your short journeyon the east coast of Spain, and you will see that Santa Eulariya del Rio is one of the island's main port. A regular ferry service from Denia, Valencia, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca is another option to enjoy sea views. The holidaymakers have an easy access to the airport of the town of Ibiza by taxi or bus.

In a very heart of the town, streets are not wide and one can climb the steep slopes of the hill Es Peach de Missa. The quarters of the old city surround the Es Peach de Missachurch (XVI century). Its austere appearance reminds of a medieval fortress with its patrol towers. Not far from it, there are the Museum of Ethnology Cannes Ros and the house-museum of Barrau, a famous artist. By visiting them, you will break the uniformity of your everyday life on the island. An ancient aqueduct that connects the banks of the only island's major river is a place for a romantic rendezvous. They say that Romans built it very long ago.

The main attractions of Santa Eularii del Rio are on the beach, where one villa in Ibiza with sea view follows another. S'Alamera,is one of two major city highways, which leads from the town center to a chain of sandy beaches.The cliffs approaching the seashore bring the unique fascination to the beach of CalaMastelya and Cala de Boysh and hide anudist beach ofAygus-Blanquesfrom prying eyes. Playa de Figurielis considered the best place for a "lazy" holiday. The beautiful waterfront near it is jammed with of popular cafes, restaurants and shopping centers.

Santa Eulariyuis distinct from many other towns of the island by consistently found evidence of legendary hippie subculture. The city is famous all over the country for its markets, such as Las Dailas, Punta Arabi and Es Canar. Here, from May to September, there is a lively trade in all sorts of attributes, without which the hipster is impossible to imagine.