Real Estate in Costa Rica is a perfect harborage for retirees

Everyone knows the folk wisdom that the time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining. Therefore, despite the fact that you might have still very much time before the retirement age, please, draw your attention to the first sentence of this article, screw up courage and read all text to the end. It is difficult even to imagine how quickly does the time fly, and from the students we have become engineers, bank officers, and some the owners of the Ibizahouserentals Real Estate agency . But that's not the point; fact is, that sooner or later one will still have to think about where to live in retirement: whether to buy a real estate in Spain or, for example, recalling all the famous heroes of literary works, still leaving beloved of all old Europe and buy a Real Estate in Costa Rica to live on the shore of a Pacific Ocean bay. As practice shows, and we believe it right, most for a start find experts in real estate issues; so, you are strongly recommended to contact Ibizahouserentals company , where an apartment or penthouse for rent in Costa Rica will be selected for you. And you will only have to go to Costa Rica and enjoy the warm climate with a minimum year-round temperature of about 24 degrees Celsius, breathtaking sunsets, conquer huge waves doing surfing, and just spend time on the beach, without stress and without thinking of the need of running somewhere again and then, running, to hurrying up and not being late.

Real Estate in Costa Rica

There are 12 important criteria by means of which international rating agencies help each of us to define and find his personal perfect paradise. Today we consider the first criterion: the question of the cost of living. And the first question that arises in our mind - "And how much money do we need to live in certain place?" Isn't that the first thing we think of? The answer to this question is much easier than it might seem from the first glance. But all the same, not to make a mistake in the preliminary calculations and not to experience a complete disappointment in future, there are some pretty simple things to analyze.

- one must try to imagine the perfect lifestyle (at that, having abandoned the usual things and completely eliminated all the surfeit);

-Try to calculate your budget to the very last cent, minding the 10% of contingencies;

- And compare all this with the real retirement income.

It is Costa Rica that has become the most attractive country for living last year. Comfortable living in a penthouse in Costa Rica for a couple of retirees will cost about 1000 US dollars, including a rent, internet, cable TV, housing services and food. Costa Rica is a perfect choice for retirees, low prices for housing and food, aprolific climate and nature, beautiful beaches - all this is waiting for you !!!