What makes Immovable Property in France attractive?

Most on of potential buyers who are interested in buying Immovable Property in France, primarily consider as a secondary residence the Côte d'azur being the pearl of the Mediterranean coast. If just a few years ago the majority of customers were mostly Europeans, then recently, as marketing research shows, the palm of victory in purchasing the real estate had passed to the people of the Middle East and China. Of course, this is not about apartments in the price range from 100,000 to 400,000 euros in small villages, which were chosen for recreation by the inhabitants of the same of France, Germany, Italy or the UK. It is luxury real estate: castles, chalets, contemporary villas and Provencal houses that are widely demanded.

Property in Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez with its authentic old port where you can see luxury yachts, where spend their time fashion designers, athletes and famous Hollywood actors, rightfully was and still is the center of social life on the French Riviera. On the quay, in cafés during breakfast, at the next table, one can see one of the former presidents of France, owners of world famous brands or cult film directors.

Prices for Immovable Property in Saint-Tropez, France, are varying in the range of 10,000 Euro/m2 for apartments or small houses, and about 20,000 euros/m2 for villas. In-demand are the residential quarters like "Les Lisieres de Saint Tropez" where you can rent or buy a house with sea views at a price up to 1 million. Euro.The company Ibizahouserentals offers various options to meet the tastes of the most discerning buyers. 

In heavy demand is the French capital, where about 25 % of the investors are residents of Eastern Europe. The capital of the French Republic is divided into twenty districts, the most expensive of which are the 16-th, 7-th and 6-th. In these districts, the potential buyer should be willing to spend in average about 10,000-15,000 euros per square meter, depending on location and the scene from the window.

The French ski resorts, which rightfully belong to the best ones on the European continent, must not be disregard of. The real lovers of skiing need to go to Val d'Isere, and an apartment in this place can be bought at an averaged price of around € 15,000 per square meter. The most expensive resort in the French Alps is Courchevel. To buy a typical Alpine Chalet there, a potential buyer will have to pay 5 to 20 million euros. The prices are high because new houses are being built no more, while investors prefer buying old houses and turning them into trendy ones. Buying a small apartment for its further leasing can be of great interest, too.