Apartments in Ibiza

Ibiza is a popular Spanish resort among either young people or those who simply love and know how to relax, enjoy electronic music and prefer nightlife. There are a lot of clubs, bars, discos and other entertainments for the "golden" youth, but the prices are not the cheapest.

About apartments in Ibiza

The climate on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza is very friendly: the winters are warm, and in summers holidaymakers mostly enjoy comfortable temperatures. Rain is rather rare phenomenon here.

Thanks to a wide variety of entertainment, clean and well-maintained beaches, as well as the high standard of living of the population, apartments in Ibiza are so much attractive for investments among wealthy foreigners. Most of those who have bought property in Ibiza are from France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Italy, but there are objects that belong to our compatriots.

According to statistics, purchasing a house or apartment in Ibiza is a profitable investment because prices per square meter of residential real estate in that region are constantly growing.

The cheapest apartments in Ibiza can be found in the southeastern part of the island. Here, the average cost per square meter is about 4.5 - 5 thousand euros. In the southwest, the prices are higher. Of course, in the capital, you can find a very small apartment for 3.5 thousand euros per square meter but the majority of apartments are sold for 8 – 8.5 thousand euros per square meter.

In the southern and western parts of the island, new residential complexes are located, where you can buy a house or apartment in a guarded gated community. Real estate objects are quite popular here, as they are close to the capital, with its entertainment facilities and airport.

There are very expensive apartments in the capital of Ibiza in the Old Town district. Here, the cost of housing starts from one million euros.

There are some cheaper options in the north in sparsely populated areas, but they are still unaffordable for the average citizen. That is true that there are not many options of apartments in the villages, but the rural house can be bought for about 40% cheaper than one on a popular beach resort.

East Coast also does not have the most expensive housing options. For example, a small house in the center of San Carlos costs about 800 - 900 thousand euros.