Spain is open for investment

By the day, Spain is rightly considered one the most attractive countries for investment in Europe and due to this, it is most popular with the investors from Northern Europe. This applies primarily to the UK, Germany and Switzerland. According to the most recent statistics, only since the beginning of the year of 2016, every third Immovable Property bought in Spain is an investment one. The key investment areas are the city of Barcelona with its surroundings, Marbella on the Costa del Sol and the most fashionable trend of the last few years — Ibiza, one of Balearic Islands.

Property in Spain

Ibizahouserentals offers the widest range of exclusive properties, ranging from small-sized apartments and penthouses, with one or two spacious bedrooms, and up to a luxury and comfortable top-of-the-line villas, with stunning exotic gardens, tennis courts and private pools. In the vast majority of cases, luxury villas are located in the most prestigious and the most requested areas. To get at least the basic idea about products and prices, it will be enough just to run through real estate the catalog on the website of Ibizahouserentals Real Estate agency, Spain, which is in great demand not only in Spain itself but also far beyond its borders. All this is outright thanks to selected exclusive properties located in the most prestigious parts of the world such as Saint-Tropez, Saint-Barth, Tamarindo, Costa Rica, and also in the Swiss ski resort of St. Moritz.

Immovable Property in Spain, as well as the country itself, is of interest to potential buyers due to its quite favorable geopolitical location, lovely Mediterranean climate with its 320 cheerful days in a year, high-quality and relatively inexpensive food. For everyone who plan combining work and recreation, is the perfect option, providing the opportunity to spend more time by the sea, enjoying the clean and fresh air of the seashore.

It is commonly known that the Spaniards are essentially very helpful and friendly people, being kind to both tourists and all foreigners. Also due to close ties with other Nations, not only in Europe but also in Latin America, tourists, as practice shows, can feel quite relaxed and comfortable here.

On the one hand, an abrupt drop in real estate prices in the Spanish mainland due to the Brexit, and on the other hand, the sharp jump in prices for luxury properties in Ibiza, allow to conclude that at the moment reputable investors make a growing scope of investments into the real estate market of Ibiza, since they are attracted by the possibility of a more profitable Immovable Property investment than, for example, bank deposits. A big advantage of this Immovable Property is a reasonably high return that can be gained by seasonal letting of villas or apartments.