Spanish apartments

Beautiful, comfortable, cheap and luxury apartments in Spain will be as you want to see them. Everything will depend on the experience of a realtor and how accurately the potential buyer will formulate his wishes, and financial possibilities.

The cost of the apartments varies for several reasons. Thus, urban housing will be cheaper than on the coast. The property prices in the islands will be higher compared to prices of apartments in the mainland. Usually, as more popular among tourists is the place, higher will be the price. So is a myth that the apartments in Spain, in places like Ibiza, Mallorca and Tenerife can be cheap...

Luxury apartments in Spain

Planning, furniture and interior fittings are playing a very important role in defining the prices. A large number of square meters is not always an indicator of elitism. Apartments in Spain should be evaluated on a set of different criteria:

  • Distance to the nearest supermarket, club, hospital, beach, golf;
  • The type of cuisine, such as independent or American style;
  • If it is a studio or apartment with separate rooms.

The amenities around and beautiful views out the window, also lead to higher housing prices:

  • Apartment with a small balcony is cheaper than a similar apartment, but with access to the terrace;
  • Availability of the pool (although commonly used) also increases the cost of housing;
  • In addition to household furniture and kitchen furniture, buyer can choose apartments with electrical appliances, which are more expensive than normal.

Luxury apartments in Spain combine all the best that can offer accommodation in this hospitable and sunny country. A fully equipped accommodation is not only next to the beach, but also close to the yacht club, and preserves the proximity to the city center.

You have to hurry to buy property, while the lowest prices in Europe are preserved. And you cannot forget that the cost of housing high-end and mid-range increases every year.