Canary or Balearic Islands

We asked Samantha to tell why it was Ibiza she had chosen when deciding to purchase real estate in Spain.

She was born in the UK and from her studentship was dreaming ahouse in Spain; she was not bad in Spanish she had studied being a child when attending a college. Moreover, her parents often travelled and always took her with. Tender sea, beautiful, mild climate and more than 300 shiny days a year, at a moderate year-round temperatures above zero, did their job, and Spain became almost her second home.


Samantha dreamt of buying at least a little, but her own home or apartment on the beautiful coast. It's nice to have your own house where you can arrive at any time with the family and be completely independent of the rental apartments and room bookings. But why the Balearic Islands, whyI biza ? Having already quite a strong experience of travelling behind, having visited many places on the continental coast, she still preferred the Balearic Islands, located 70 miles away from the continental coast of the country of corrida. And it was the second largest island in the Balearic archipelago that proved to be the best place for her. First of all, it was due to the fact that they had often visited it as a family. For the beginning, it was decided get a better look at the Spanish islands prior to buy a real estate.

The question with Canary islands dropped by itself, since we just had not have enough time for long and rather wearisome flights. But, for the final decision, we still had to visit these islands, but as it turned out later, ocean black sand beaches are not to be compared with the white Mediterranean ones. Ibiza has attracted us immediately, and as it turned out, many compatriots of ours are living there.

Also, democratic prices for houses and apartments had played their role, which proved to be an important factor when making a difficult decision. When we chosen sides with the place, my husband sent a request to the Ibizahouserentals real estate agency, and closer to the evening received several interesting proposals. Tickets were purchased, agency representatives met us at the airport, three different options were considered: an apartment on the Paseo Marítimo, penthouse in the city of Ibiza and the house in Cala Jondal. Less than two weeks later, we became the owners of a small house in Ibiza with a view of the sea. So our dream of a small house on the banks of the beautiful sea had come true.