Where to relax in Spain

Spain is divided into the island and the mainland. Despite not to big dimensions of this country, the climatic conditions here are very diverse. The temperature sometimes rises over 40. It happens mainly in August but the temperate Mediterranean climate makes its own adjustments. Therefore, the sea heats up to 23-24 degrees, and the air does not get too hot. In July, it is only slightly more than 30 °. Spain is good for those holidaymakers who do not want to shift to a dramatically different kind of climate. You can swim in the sea and relax on the Spanish beaches until October.

Relax on the Spanish beaches

Many tourists come to rest in Spain for the sake of its luxurious cuisine, and we should confess that it is one of the best in the world. The local food is famous for its diversity. In every corner of Spain, tourists can enjoy different types of unique dishes.

For example, Catalonia, which is bordering France, "specializes" in delicious sauces that adds their unique flavors to local culinary masterpieces. Valencia is famous as the "birthplace" of the famous paella, a rice dish with sea fish and vegetables. It is impossible to leave without trying at least some types of fried things from the central regions of the country. In addition, you will easily find and taste dishes of Chinese, French and Italian cuisine in Spain. In a restaurant or a cafe, lunch for one person will cost about 10 euros and will include a salad, main course and dessert. The dishes are enormous, and you will never be hungry. In Spain, they produce beer and wine of the highest quality. You can buy them at quite moderate price. A bottle of wine is going to cost you only 1-4 euros.

Large shops, restaurants and cafes located in the tourist area, start work from early in the morning until late at night. Many enterprises of food industry continue to serve customers up to the next morning. From one o'clock in the afternoon to four almost every firm, cafe and restaurant close their doors for a siesta. If you ask the question, where to have a rest in Spain, experienced travelers might offer you the resort of Costa Brava, located in the north of the country. It is famous for its magnificent coastal scenery, spacious beaches, alternating with rocks. In Costa Brava, evergreen trees grow almost everything.

What about Balearic Islands? On those islands, you will come across with a completely different Spain. If you do not know where to relax in Spain, you should be certain that a measured and quiet rest is possible just here. The best option is to come to the islands in the spring.

Mallorca, which is the largest island of the Balearic archipelago, is waiting for quiet tourists. Some people call it the mainland in miniature. Here you will get acquainted with Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the island. You will find here the combination of unique old and fashionable shops, the imaginative caves of Arta, the Galatzo Natural Park, the marine animals' park and the Spanish "Disneyland". By the way, it is the largest in Europe. Mallorca is a real paradise, and it is never boring. There are a lot of expressive and passionate Spanish natives on the island, and they will never allow you to get bored.

The best youth resort is Ibiza and it offers even more fun. There are almost no restrictions for youngster. Above the island, there soars a spirit of freedom and boundless fun. Nightclubs and the best DJs in the world will keep your mood at the highest level. There is the world-famous "hippie" -market on the island. You can rent a villa in Ibiza and enjoy your relaxation in a comfort.

On the islands, there is a place for divers and just those holidaymakers who love magnificent beaches. In general, the island is not a place for lazy people coming to the resort to lie in a hammock and do nothing else.

When you have a rest in Spain, it is not possible to miss visiting Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia. It is the most beautiful city, in which you can come across with the architecture of different eras.