Reasons for buying a bungalow in Ibiza

Unlike in many other countries, a bungalow in Ibiza is not always a detached one-storey building. Much more often, it has three or two floors with an attic and basement. Often, the bungalow is designed for 3-4 families and it is a semi-detached house of several sections with separate entrances to each of them. The size of usable space, equipment appliances, as well as the location of the terrace or balcony directly reflects on the property value. When a bungalow is facing the sea and has a small garden terrace, it is perceived much more attractive than the one that goes directly to the outside of one of the towns of Ibiza.

Spanish bungalow in Ibiza: Architecture Features and benefits of buying property and living there.

One of the advantages of a bungalow is an easy access to social infrastructure and places of recreation. It usually has a small garden, garage or car park, and a swimming pool. During the months when they are not on the island, the owners of bungalow in Ibiza can get additional revenue much easier. It can be much faster to find people wishing to rent a small bungalow than let on hire a luxury apartment or villa.

In the context of the respect to nature, any construction work must be fulfilled carefully. As a result, each bungalow complex in Ibiza originally fits into the existing terrain with minimum damage to the environment. In addition, they have stringent requirements for energy efficiency and environmental safety of residential real estate on the island. They try to get its maximum level by using natural materials and recycling sources, in particular, rainwater.

Builders frequently use such traditional materials as wood and a variety of local marine sandstone during the construction of bungalows in Ibiza. In bungalow interior hey often use the traditional exposed wooden beam ceilings in the Iberian style. On the one hand, it certainly gives it a local flavor and reminiscent of old traditions and the other hand it creates a home atmosphere of privacy and comfort.

On this subtropical island, the great attention is paid to ensuring a high level of protection of property in enclosed areas. For this purpose, they use all available methods and techniques of active and passive protection of urbanization and integrated urban neighborhoods. Along with strict 24-hour security, the surrounding area is under the control of electronic means of security. Apart from the motion sensors located on the perimeter, they use sensors that react to shock and fix any possible attempt of intrusion in the bungalow.