Investments in Real Estate in Spain

In order to invest in Real Estate in Spain effectively, it is necessary to define exactly the purpose for which you purchase it. The property price may vary significantly. It depends on the selected region, the infrastructure of the village, area and equipment of the real estate.


Real estate for sale in Spain is particularly bestselling in the immediate proximity to the sea. In addition to the beautiful coast of Spain, you can enjoy mountainous landscapes attracting large numbers of tourists. That is why the proximity to the scenic location in the city significantly increases the price of the property.

Real Estate in Spain

If you wish to save part of your money, a villa or apartment can be chosen in the most famous and expensive areas of the town. You can find them as far as 30 - 50 km from the main settlement. Buy Real Estate in Spain and enjoy the sea or mountains, as well as peace and quiet of small towns free of large crowds of people.

Parameters of the housing

An important factor in determining the cost of the villa or apartment is a plan and a common area of the facility. Real Estate for sale in Spain is often a diverse and effective layout of space allowing the use of all the available space of the building. It can be done even the spot is very small. The plot of land around the houses is relatively small too. It happens because the cost of land often exceeds the value of the buildings.

A high percentage of luxury villas and mansions allows the owner to enjoy both the space in the building itself and the adjacent area. These homes have several bedrooms and bathrooms, spacious living and dining areas, as well as a balcony or veranda, and utility rooms. The bigger area of the building and land pre-determines the higher cost of such facilities. Even with the increased costs, the purchase will be a good investment since Real Estate in Spain with time only increases in value.

Particulars of the transaction

After the final selection of Real Estate for sale in Spain, facility reservation is carried out, and the registration begins. It should be mentioned that you have to add 12 - 15%, to the cost of the chosen option, which includes taxes, notary fees, and registration procedures.

The buyer needs to open an account at a local bank for all payments. When signing a contract the buyer most often pays about a third of the project cost. The remaining amount is paid on delivery of the deed of ownership certifying the right to own property.

At the client option, all the formal stages of the transaction will take place in the Real Estate agency. The keys are transferred to the buyer after the registration of the transaction. As soon as changes in the state register are fulfilled, which takes about a few months, the client becomes a rightful owner.