Property in Spain in Ibiza close to golf courses

Representations of the elite real estate in Ibiza are often associated with the proximity of white beaches, which are stretching along the coast for many kilometers. Villa at the front line by the sea is undoubtedly a very attractive and popular option among those who want to settle in Ibiza. Of course, the cost could be insurmountable obstacle to your goal.

Ibiza is a relatively small island and in order to visit regularly the bright night shows and club parties of the eternally sleepless city, you should not necessarily settle near them. The boutiques in the center, superb beaches or the historical sights, will be always in close proximity to you. The famous resort consists of many charming areas, each of which is remarkable in its own way. In addition, the option of real estate there may be much more affordable.

Property in Ibiza close to golf courses

One of these possibilities is to buy or rent a villa in Ibiza near the golf courses in some picturesque places.

Golf is one of the favorite entertainment for natives and holidaymakers on that island loved by celebrities. For this reason, golf clubs have been open for almost all year round in many parts of the island. There are excellent golf courses on the island and the famous golf club "Club de Golf Ibiza" is close to the road Ibiza-Santa Eulalia. They built it in a quiet village "Roca Llisa". Golf courses for nine and sometimes eighteen holes are in a picturesque area surrounded by pine groves. You can take a training course for beginners, and it will cost you seventy-five euros. That does not include the cost of rental equipment and other services.

The Golf Club is more than just a place for a popular game. Its infrastructure usually includes a shop, a restaurant and a fitness studio where you can enjoy a massage session after the game. In addition, you can pass through a cycle of cosmetic procedures or Pilates classes.

The golf course occupies a vast territory; therefore on its huge space a wide variety of plants grow. Some kinds of fruit trees and others. There are numerous flowerbeds everywhere. During the game, you can unexpectedly meet with local representatives of the fauna. In fact, villas near the golf courses in Ibiza are located in a small-enclosed ecosystem. Environmental organization control the biological diversity of them. Therefore, taking care of the environment is one of the most important issues while attending a golf club.