Why is Immovable Property in Switzerland so popular?

It is commonly known that Switzerland, maintain leadership in the world rankings for level of life of the population. This is a country quite a small in size, located in the very heart of Europe and having about seven million inhabitants. From year to year, millions of tourists come here to enjoy the magnificent mountain sceneries, taste delicious Swiss cheeses and get an eyeful of the clear waters of the purest mountain lakes. Oddly enough, but literally from the first minutes after crossing the border, there is a feeling of complete calmness and tranquility, there's no wonder that the country maintains the last place in the world crime rankings. Where in the world, passing by small Alpine villages, one can stop near a small farm whose the doors are open around the clock, leave some money right on the small table for its organic dairy products taken from a small refrigerator without having seen any person? In this country, one feels as comfortable as a banking deposit kept behind seven locks in a safe of a Swiss Bank.

Property in St. Moritz

Therefore, Property in Switzerland attracts many potential investors from all over the world. Everyone dreams of having a penthouse in the mountains or a villa on the shore of a mountain lake.

The country is divided into twenty cantons, but the most attractive real estate purchase are Valais and Grisons (Graubünden). The hallmark of the first one had always been and remains the mount of Matterhorn, its slopes being accessible to climbers only. The hallmark of the Grisons (Graubünden) is a mountain of Corviglia, and its slope Suvretta, where the most expensive objects of real estate are located.

Here, no average price per square meter exists, and none of the houses and villas had been put up for sale during the last ten years. We will not list the Immovable Property owners on this mountain slope, being probably the most expensive in the world, but there is no any other ski resort in the world where such a number of global celebrities would dwell. No wonder St. Moritz bears the title — Top of the World. When buying Immovable Property, non-residents must have a special permission.

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The real estate in St. Moritz is continuously increasing in price, and nowadays one will need to pay about 15.000 Euros per square meter of an apartment or penthouse.