The increase in demand for real estate lease in Spain

According to the latest published data provided by the world leading consulting companies, in the period from early June to August 2016 Immovable Property in Spain once again clearly demonstrated strong sales growth. First, it concerns Barcelona, and small towns, about an hour away from it, both on the seashore and in the immediate vicinity therefrom, and on the Balearic Islands, or rather on one of them, on Ibiza.

Property in Spain

Amounts of transactions in the segment of sales of villas, apartments and premium penthouses apartments practically skyrocketed and now virtually exceed all previous months and years. Considering this issue from a pricing point of view, it is possible to declare amounts exceeding two million euros for a luxury villa offered for sale in the coves on the southern coast of the island, Cala Jondal being the first place of the kind. There is a very simple explanation for the situation, which is due to the fact that buying public who had the opportunity to invest in a fairly expensive real estate in Spain, all the last time, instead of purchasing the middle class villas and apartments, had preferred to accumulate finances in anticipation of the rise of both national and international economies.

Only in comparison with the previous year, as it was noted by the statistical service of Spain, the growth in volume of premium Immovable Property sales compared 24%. It is also interesting to note that more than the half of all queries received were concerning newly commissioned buildings, which we could not observe during the last ten years.

In particular, price for letting of an immovable Spanish product is rapidly growing on Ibiza. Most of popular Spanish web portals quote data about the 7% growth of prices of villas for rent on Ibiza compared to the first quarter of the year of 2016. Perhaps it is due to a significant increase in seasonal workers during the summer months engaged in the hotel sector and the service sector. Also, significant increase (by 10-15% in average) in the cost of renting villas and houses was noted. It is also specific that almost, the reservation of all the villa in Cala Jondal with two bedrooms and swimming-pools that were offered for letting from the beginning of July to end of August this year, had been made long before the high season.

In the Ibizahouserentals real estate agency reservations of all the villa destined for letting had been made in the first two months of the current year, which confirms the rather optimistic trend of today.