Costa Rica — real estate, investments

It is not only Middle Eastern countries and Asia, but also the Caribbean Islands and Central America potential investors burdened with the problems of the Old World, more and more frequently consider as options for investment.

Property in Costa Rica

According to the international investment companies, one of the most interesting and hugely popular countries is Costa Rica, or as it is called else, the Central American Switzerland. Over the last ten years, the cost of real estate in Costa Rica has increased significantly, but despite this, for many a man the dream of owning a hut on the shore of the Pacific Ocean came true. The best location is hard to imagine. This small beautiful country is located between two oceans: the Atlantic and the Pacific, and is one of the most stable and safe countries in the entire region.

The North American and Canadian investors and European tourists consider this country the most popular investment destination. Just imagine that it is they for whom the airport receiving daily a large number of direct flights from all parts of the United States, Canada and the UK, was built in the region of Guanacaste, in the capital city of Liberia!

Economical and political stability and relatively low prices also play an important role for making tough choices about buying property. Seventy-five percent of the country's territory are covered by nature reserves, with their unique ecology, pristine white-sand beaches and tropical forests.

Everyone has the opportunity to buy property in Costa Rica, and there are no restrictions for foreigners. Oddly enough, but the economic crisis has not affected the real estate market, although prices are slowly but steadily creeping up. If a couple of years ago a penthouse overlooking the ocean could be bought for approximately 210,000 US dollars, today the same apartment would have to pay about 250,000 to 300,000 US dollars.

Since the region is very popular among the tourists, there is always the opportunity to rent the penthouse, not only for a week, but also for the entire season.

Of no lesser interest is the fact that when buying a property in Costa Rica, the future owner has the right to obtain a residence permit, which also gives a number of very significant advantages.