Tourism, transport and real estate of the towns of Ibiza

Over the past few decades, people has considered Ibiza a fashionable resort on the Mediterranean with its nature as the main wealth of the island. Its healthy and pleasant climate, unique natural beauty and originality of landscapes became the basis of the prosperity of the island.

Real Estate of the towns of Ibiza

This fact has contributed to the creation an excellent tourism infrastructure of the island, including the construction of first-class hotels, the entertainment and shopping centers, and many other social facilities used in everyday life. All this explains the continued interest of people in flats and apartments on the island. It is possible to discuss all matters on the issue after applying to the Real Estate agency in Ibiza «Ibizahouserentals». You will get an exhaustively detailed consultation there.

Ibiza is a small island, all of its towns and villages are linked together with an excellent road network. If you intend to buy a villa in Ibiza, it will not matter in which part of the island you do it because it will take no more than 1 hour to get to the administrative center from any place. A regular ferry service connects the island with Valencia, Alicante, and Denia. Ibiza airport accommodates airplanes from a lot of cities in Europe and from all over the world.

Each town of the island is unlike its neighbor one, and each is remarkable on its own way. For example, you can name Santa Eulariyu del Rio, which is on the east coast of Ibiza, a hipster capital of the western Mediterranean. If you manage to get your own apartment in Playa del Bossa, it will mean you always should be aware of lots of social events that take place on the island. Long-term home rental in Ibiza Portinatx or Talamanca interest those who are looking for a quiet and peaceful life. If you prefer to buy a villa in the town of San Miguel, you will get a chance to come across the representatives of the political and artistic elite and prominent businesspersons.