Investing in real estate in Spain

The own cozy cottage on the sunny coast of Spain is a dream of many people around the world, regardless of their age or social status. Gentle surf and warm sea, wonderful vacation on the beach, ancient architectural monuments and hot discos till the morning - the country of corrida and paella attracts us with many factors. In addition, the real estatec aquisition is a profitable investment with the prospect of receiving dividends in the future.

Real estate in Spain

Some basic facts about the country

The hospitable Spain opens its doors to tourists from every corner of the planet. Some people associate the country with bulls and beaches, while the others with beautiful architecture, Moorish palaces and the Gothic ruins, the third ones with football, the legendary Madrid or ancient stadium Camp Nou. Beaches of Spain gratify with variety of options for recreation and with their purity.
All lovers of outdoor activities will not remain indifferent to extreme tracking in the snowy Pyrenees. Snowboarders will appreciate the conditions of Sierra Nevada, the best ski resort in the area of Granada.

The Real Estate in Spain is the choice of those who understand the conditions the best recreation. The most popular areas to buy a home or apartment of your own:

• Lively Ibiza;
• Isles of Tenerife;
• Сharming Barcelona;
• Small resorts on the coast.

Choose your own house properly

The cost of the real estate in Spain varies depending on a number of factors. Among the fundamental ones are the proximity to the sea, the level of infrastructure development, the quality of the residential complex as a whole. The final price is also affected by the conditions of the residence: a house with a unique landscape design, several swimming pools, fountains and private parks will cost several times more expensive than an ergonomic cottage in a small area.

It's important to know! Comunidad is a kind of payment for utility services in Spain. Its amount varies from 20 to 1,500 euros per year (depending on the room's luxury ).

When purchasing real estate in Spain, pay attention to the following points:

• the proximity of schools, shops, children's playgrounds;
• number of rooms
• orientation to the sea and the sun (if the windows look to the coastline, the light breeze will refresh you regularly).

Remember that the closer to the sea, the higher is the cost of the room. The real estate in Spain on the first line from the shore has a cost of 145 thousand euros.