Interesting thoughts about buying property in Ibiza

When at last, all the trouble is behind and properties in Ibiza become yours legally, it is time to think what to do on a wonderful island. The specialized recreation centers throughout the island offer a huge variety of entertainment on the water. They are Ibiza Diving Port Esortiu in Santa Eularii, Take off Ibiza in San Antonio, Vellmari Marina Botafoc in Ibiza, Punta Dive at Cala Martina, Club Aquanautic in Cala Vadelya and some several dozen places.

Your own real estate in Ibiza: life for fun on the beach and sea fun for everyone.

Looking for thrills, many residents and visitors of the island prefer to go through a little adventure in the waves of Mediterranean by renting or buying siabob (seabob). After a short training course, you can mount this "mechanical dolphin", develop a speed up to 22 km / h at the sea surface or dive under water to a depth of 40 m, and continue moving among the marine life. Besides, you can get an impressive shot of adrenaline taking the race on jet skis, water skis, and speed boats along the coast of the island.

Parasailing is one of the most incredible and exciting entertainments on the water in the coastal resorts of Ibiza. It is nice to take an informative walk by speedboat along the coast of the island and it is very tempting to soar on a parachute at a height of 400 meters. After that, you can take a view of San Antonio Bay, beautiful beaches, and green hills.

A flyboard and hoverboard are good for extreme activities at sea. It is quite challenging to master the flying water backpack. Spectacular somersaults and jumps to a height of ten meters require a high coordination of movements on the water. However, when there is private property in Ibiza, you will certainly have the time required for training.

In autumn and spring in Ibiza, the golden time for surfers and windsurfers comes. In Ibiza holiday without diving is just impossible although underwater near the island, of course, gives way to the beauty of the tropical reefs. However, it is interesting to look at the octopus, seahorses, eels and barracuda in their native environment. This is one more chance for all to explore the mysterious underwater caves and caverns, or dive to the wrecks around Ilhota Lladó (Illot Llado). Certainly, at any age, you can make a "mini-world tour" around the island on a yacht or a catamaran with numerous stops close to the sandy beaches of Talamanca, Cala Conta, Cala Llonga, and Playa d'en Bossa.