Resort popularity among the tourists: what is the reason?

Ibiza is the isle that never falls asleep. The doors of exclusive nightclubs and involving after-parties are wide open for the guests around the clock. The classic of the club relaxation is meeting the break of the dawn on the terrace of the famous Cafe Del Mar. You immerse yourself into the involving atmosphere of and forget all your troubles and woes – here and right now. Book the rooms or purchase Immovable Property in Ibiza and enjoy the perfect upscale relaxation without a hint of boredom.

Property for sale in Spain

The beauty of the golden coast of Ibiza would not disgrace the acknowledged natural monuments. Pure white sand and gentle waves, rave of color on the meadows and on the foothills, scorching sunrays, unique architecture of the houses– all this and lots of other things make tourists to come back here again and again. The island provides a guarantee of paradisiacal recreation for everyone, regardless to the contents of the wallet. Ordinary tourists and worldwide renowned stars, everyone is equal in the narrow streets of Ibiza.

For your reference! The duration of the tourist season is 6 months (May to October).

Ibiza justly bears the title of the best resort of the world. Traditions of the European club recreation and national Spanish open-air merrymakings are combined herein astonishing manner. Every night brings passion of rich and entertaining life: performances of stars, d-jays, absence of any restrictions provide opportunity for the wildest dreams.

Another part of the coast is the direct opposite to the fast and furious recreation and sleepless nights. Cosy streets and homely atmosphere, quietness and absence of any noise, long heart-to-heart conversations – in Ibiza everyone will find what they want.

Real estate: pro & contra

Our agency offers a wide range of Immovable Property for sale in Spain, but, when purchasing accomodation in Ibiza, you should mandatorily take into consideration the specifics of the region:

  •  Portinatx is the best option for long stay with family;
  •  Talamanca is a place that attracts all (it is a quiet area with close proximity of the capital entertainment centre);
  •  Playa-den-Boss – abundance of clubs and bars for every need and budget;
  •  Sant Antoni – Hiking and a variety of exciting excursions;
  •  San Miguel – an exclusive holiday with a hint of chic and luxury.

Fairly high real estate prices are due to the specificity of the area: this corner of paradise is crowded with tourists. Don't skimp on your relaxation, since complete relaxation is the guarantee of your health and success.