Positive aspects of life in Spain

Spain is a member of the EU, so there is clearly applicable law and it protects the rights of citizens and their property. Property in Spain, where there is political stability, afford the opportunity to purchase an inexpensive property on the Mediterranean coast and make profitable investments. The mild climate of this region is favorable for life in and recreation. According to the World UNESCO Organization, some places such as Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol, Tenerife and Ibiza are the most attractive. The average temperature of the area is about 20 degrees and it has 320 sunny days throughout the year. Compared to other resorts, the sea is always warm that is why the swimming season is quite long. Mediterranean is famous for its special climate. Availability of salt lakes and a variety of therapeutic muds gives a chance to people to cope with different problems in terms of their health.

Property in Spain

In Spain, they offer a relatively inexpensive accommodation and good quality food. The payment for utility and transport services along with the Spanish real estate costs are quite modest and they are considered the lowest among the other European countries. A characteristic feature of the national cuisine is a year-round fresh fruit and vegetables, sheep cheese, seafood, a variety of olives, walnuts, and greens.

Roads and Airports are among the best in Europe. You can travel safely and comfortably from one point to the most remote one for a few hours. If you want to go to neighboring states, there are no any big obstacles. The railways are also popular since they are the most convenient way to travel across the country. There are regular flights by planes of world's airlines at the beginning of the tourist season as well as charters.

Positive aspects of life in Spain can be listed as follows:

- Accessibility of European education;
- Good medicine;
- Native environment for learning a language;
- Cheerful and friendly people with their rich culture, history, and traditions;
- The possibility to see the national dance of flamenco and bullfights;
- Low taxes and confidence that the purchased housing will be your property for life.

Buying Spanish property such as apartments or villas in the local resorts prevalent among fans of outdoor activities and water-based activities. It opens up the opportunities for unforgettable holidays thanks to the ski resorts, clean sea and golf courses. Besides, it is impossible to get indifferent to local national holidays and so friendly people.