The Balearic Islands. Their climate, attractions and recreation.

The Balearic Islands are four isles, adapted for mass reception of tourists. They are in Spain, and though one name unites them, they are very different when it comes to the resort atmosphere. Anyway, you will have a wonderful holiday in Spain on these islands.

Mallorca provides luxury holidays for the well-to-do tourists.

The Balearic Islands Ibiza

Ibiza is recreation for young people. The loudest discos attract them here.

Menorca is a good place for a secluded quiet rest and unity with nature.

Formentera is an island for people tired of city bustle. It is popular among surfers and people who love sailing.

If you go to the Balearic Islands try not to forget to book a place to live. If it happens, it will not matter since it is a territory with special laws and regulations. Here you can spend the night during the holiday season just on the beach not being afraid to be robbed. Yet, under the open sky, you certainly will not miss the most beautiful spectacles of the ocean coast, which are a sunset and sunrise.

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The beach holiday season on the islands begins in May and lasts until October. During this period, the temperature of air fluctuates at + 30 degrees around the day. At night, it drops to around +20. In winter, the daytime temperatures usually do not exceed +15 degrees, and at night can be close to +5. On the islands, the meteorologists observed a record number of sunny days a year. There are more than 300 of them. This means that over the territory of the islands the sun shines 2442 hours a year.

In summer the water temperature is + 25. A refreshing Mediterranean breeze blows From the sea. It prevents the air from becoming stifling and hot. In winter, the water in the sea becomes colder, and the authorities suspend the swimming season for this period.


There are the cleanest sandy beaches, and the ecologists awarded 22 of them with the "Blue Flag" (a sign of absolute purity). In the Balearic Islands, each of the tourists will find entertainment for themselves according to interests and temperament. They can find numerous bars and restaurants for respectable people and crazy discos for young people.

On the islands, you can make a tour on off-road cars, boat tours under sail, and bus tours. You can ride the famous horses of Menorca or go scuba diving in the waters of the ocean.


The Dragon Islands with its six unique underground lakes live indelible impression for tourists.

It will be interesting to visit the town of Valdemos where there is a famous monastery. Once it provided a shelter for Georges Sands and Frederico Chopin.

The Balearic Islands

In a gigantic aquarium of the island of Mallorca, you will watch the life of underwater inhabitants of the ocean.

Tourists will certainly be amazed at the grandeur of the Cathedral on the island of Palma de Mallorca.

It will not be superfluous to see the old town of Alcudia, visit Cape Formentor or an ancient fortress in Ibiza.