Countries for buying inexpensive investment apartments

The French real estate market stability shall be noted. Both in its central regions, as well as in large cities, where a large number of houses, penthouses and apartments go on sale, a small decrease in prices can be noted.

In resort areas like Saint-Tropez and Monaco, prices are growing although a little but stably for several percent per year. As always, the capital of France boasts, and according to the balance accounts at the end of the first quarter, the cost of a square meter in Paris jumped up 7%, and the total number of transactions increased, too.


Buying apartments as an investment


In Switzerland, where during the last decade the price of real estate was only growing, even the small townlets with small number of residents are suitable for investments in investment properties. Generally, the cost per square meter in small towns is relatively small, but in provincial areas, there are certain risks associated with the search for potential tenants. In turn, in the cities where the population does not exceed 300,000 the likelihood that housing will remain vacant is minimum, besides, the price of real estate is growing more rapidly.

Quite recently, the economically unstable Spain was also included into the list of countries that can bring a good return on investment. It is practically not amazing. Let's think together: during the crisis in 2008 prices has fallen twice, and trice, in some cities in the center of the country, and thus now they are at the lowest point. At the moment, when planning a long-term investment in property in Spain, there is a real opportunity to hope that the real estate will increase in value. The risk, however, is to buy an unpromising house or apartment, which will be of no interest for anyone even at a low cost.

Costa Rica can be mark down as one of continuously emerging markets. Appropriately in such cases, the cost per square meter is growing steadily, although not much, only 3-4%, but stably. The main advantage of Costa Rica for investors are not prospects for appreciation of objects, but the possibility of obtaining a more expensive rent, in contrast to European homes and apartments. The season hear is much longer, and the daily rent of properties is wide-spread , which provides an opportunity to getting revenue of approximately 5% per annum, which is more profitable than banking deposits.