Astounding resorts near the Mediterranean Sea

It is possible to say that the holiday season lasts here all the year round. The main thing is not to attach yourself to the same place but at different times of the year to change the place of rest. People are very friendly, and they are always ready to tell where to go and what it is. Both a student and a millionaire can relax here, and everyone will be satisfied. It is not difficult to choose accommodation; you can stay in a hotel, rent a house or a room, and finally, you can go to a hostel. The connoisseurs of comfortable and elite rest will find that renting a villa in Spain will not be difficult. You can also rent transportation, if you do not want to go sightseeing, which is in a schedule. It is not difficult to choose the town for recreation, it is difficult to understand exactly what you want to see and remember. It is important to get impressions until the next trip.

Rent a villa in Ibiza


Everyone knows that the best nightclubs in the world are here. In Ibiza, you will meet most qualified DJs who are ready to entertain you all night long. Bars, restaurants and clubs are quite expensive but, as they say, you have to pay for everything. Of course, in Ibiza, there are some quieter places where you can relax with children. Besides, people of older ages can have a passive rest here. Rent a villa in Ibiza and enjoy a great holiday. Ibizahouserentals real estate agency will help you.


Some people go to Spain just for viewing the sights. The best place for it is Barcelona. There are more than forty, temples and cathedrals, parks and museums, churches and monasteries here. Welcome to Costa Brava, and you will get impressions, from viewing, beautiful old architecture and landscapes. The gardens of Saint Clotilde have the most beautiful avenues and fountains. It is impossible to get indifferent here. There are some most comfortable hotels with nice prices near the garden.


The ski resort of Sierra Nevada will suit even unskilled skiers, and everyone who prefers active rest. After conquering the steep slopes, you can have a good rest on the coast. Waves, the sea, the sun, the cleanest beaches are waiting for you.

In general, Spain is a country where you want to return repeatedly. You will get your portion air, sun; see beaches, caves, inimitable landscapes; have historical excursions; visit nature reserves, castles and fortresses of Spanish provinces and enjoy a varied cuisine of fresh seafood. You will attend carnivals, which take place in almost all cities of Spain. There is a large number of branded stores with low prices for shoppers. Do not miss water parks with a lot of slides and attractions. At last, diving will be a good entertainment for everyone.