Do not argue with the weather: the country with the best climate in the world

People choose the country to buy a property, relying on criteria of their own . For most of them who are thinking about buying a villa or other real estate on the shores of the seas and oceans, or just about the living in a warm country, the main factor is, what do you think? Of course, the climate. Where it is better to settle? Of course, where ther's a lot of sun, but not very hot at the same time.
Ibizahouserentals agency representative will tell you how much will cost real estate in the top ten countries.

Costa Rica

The rating of countries with the best climate in the world was presented by the international community of expats. This organization interviewed migrants in many countries, with a view to assess the weather on all continents. Total in sixty countries. The final results proved to be quite interesting.

The first place by a wide margin ranked Costa Rica in Central America. The following places were occupied by southern European countries Croatia, Serbia and Malta. Next were the representatives of Grand Dame Europe: Andorra and Switzerland, and at the end of the then, African countries such as Zambia, Uganda, Kenya. And finally, Columbia. Significantly lower in the list can be seen lesser known European countries, which are also of interest for the buyers of real estate: Italy placed on the 16th position, Germany on the 34th, Hungary on the 37th. And, finally, Belgium was recognized the worst, being earned with the last, the 65-th, position in the entire list. In the last ten were included Norway, as well as England, Scotland and Denmark. Saudi Arabia, with its heat was included here, too.

The result shows that about 70% of the respondents gave a high assessment of the weather and climate in this paradisaical country. Another important reason due to which many people come to live here, to this real tropical paradise, isa perfect balance between the work and leisure time, and it is impossible not to note the friendly "tickos". Expats are coming here not to advance in their careers, but to live in «Pura Vida».

Let's see how much costs property in Costa Rica,the winner country.

Real estate on the coast of the Pacific bay is not as expensive as it might have seemed. A penthouse with two bedrooms near the beach in Costa Rica may be purchased for € 350.000-400.000.