The increased investor interest in Spanish property

Coming to conclusions, the experts relied on information obtained from the survey management team analyzed more than 50 of the world's largest investment funds.

Germany stands first on the list of countries with the best prospects for investment in order to increase their size in the future but Spain confidently has taken the second position. England, USA, France and Australia follow them.

Company experts carefully studied the situation in these countries, had a comparative analysis and found that since recently Spain has increased the level of its attractiveness to investors. The Spanish residential property has the top priority.

Spanish residential property

The authors of the report associate the growth of the interest of potential buyers to the housing in Spain with a number of significant for investments factors such as the positive dynamics of the development of capital markets and better funding procedures. The first reason has influenced the increase in activity among investment funds who are increasingly interested in Spanish property.

The KPMG report highlights the readiness of 81% of the respondents to change the structure of their investments in favor of residential properties in Spain. The representatives of major business associations and individual clients place particular emphasis on the European market, which, according to their opinion, will remain promising for at least another 5 years.

The consulting company experts say, "Now investors are convinced that the most profitable investments will purchase previously overlooked objects. Taking into account the global economic recovery this position will provide the most revenue in a relatively short period - about 5-10 years. "

In terms of types of the real estate, the property agency reports that individuals are mainly interested in buying villas, and if the clients are planning to invest in a large project then they study industrial premises with the larger area. About 42% of all transactions is carried out with the latter. At the same time, the demand on the site that can generate income increases.

To sum up, the KPMG analysts note that the increase in attractiveness of Spanish property for investors happens due to the stabilization of the economic situation in general in the world and in Spain in particular. Since recently, Spain has demonstrated the improved performance.