Types of housing, how to choose property for sale in Spain?

In Spain, there is a huge range of accommodation. The main thing to decide is what type of property for sale in Spain you are interested. It all depends on your financial capabilities, and location of the real estate.


Apartments. This type of property for sale in Spain has a different number of bedrooms. As a rule, these objects are located in multi-storey buildings. The advantages of buying apartments are low costs of both acquisition and maintenance. The latter factor determines the special popularity of this type of housing among students, young families, and workers. It is good for you to rent the most suitable apartment located in a big city or on the coast.

Studio. This type of housing has usually one large room, which serves as a bedroom and a kitchen. The bar and lounge separate them from the main space of the room. The studio is considered to be an inexpensive kind of real estate.


Townhouse. It is a house owned by 2-4 owners. Typically, such housing has 2 or 3 bedrooms with separate entrances and patches of land for each of its parts. On the plot of land, there is a garage or a common pool. The bungalow is less expensive than a house.

Villa. This type of property for sale in Spain is represented by a house, and usually, it has a large plot of land. Such factors as location, land area, and living quarters predetermine the cost of property under consideration. The buyers acquire villas either in a finished form or with a site for subsequent construction on their own project, or ready-made projects.


Buying process

If you have a desire to buy a property in Spain, you must have some funds although you can take advantage of the mortgage. A representative of the property owner can be a seller with a notarized power of attorney, or the owner can sell it all by himself.

The deal starts when the seller opens up the bank account name to the buyer (if he does not have it) in order to deduct expenditures for the future payments on the acquisition of real estate as well as payment of taxes, mortgage, and utilities.

The next step is the conclusion of the contract of sale. It has the information about payment, the property, the full cost, taxes, and conditions of the transaction and so on. Experts from the Ibizahouserentals Real Estate agency in Ibiza will not only help you find the property but also they will assist you in all phases of the sale.