Tricks of buying an apartment in a townhouse

The main significant advantage of townhouses in Ibiza is a relatively low price for the purchase and low cost of living in it in comparison with other types of real estate on the island. You can save a considerable amount of money because the utility payments and other services will be proportionally distributed among the residents of the apartments.

Tricks of buying an apartment in a townhouse

Concierge service is an indispensable attribute of many residential complexes that combine townhouses. The responsibilities of its employees include not only maintaining order in the house but also the thorough knowledge of the history, culture and modern infrastructure of the island towns. They are at any time to give a hand to resolve issues related to the rental of a car or a yacht, finding a nanny for a baby or cooks and confectioners for family holidays. They will help make a transfer order or pre-book a comfortable place on the show in the best malls of the island.

You can often find townhouses in Ibiza within the bustling cultural and historical center of the city and has its own distinct advantage, especially for those who do not get used to spending a lot of time at home. Buying an apartment in a townhouse almost always ensures that its owner will constantly be in the midst of the most significant events on the island. They do not need to hit the road by the car just to take part in a colorful show or witness the international festival.

Traditionally, townhouses in Ibiza are located near small park areas. Throughout the year, unusually bright fragrant flowers and emerald lawns are under the custody of highly skilled gardeners. Simple and functional but no less attractive Forms of landscape designs are simple and functional but for that, not less attractive and it creates a unique atmosphere of unity with nature.

As a rule, another advantage of living in a townhouse whether it is new or renovated house of the last century is the proximity to major shopping malls, the best restaurants, and cafes in every town. It is easy to go shopping when you live in a townhouse but it is even easier to spend leisure time outdoor activities because the house is sure to have a sports field and a communal swimming pool.