Villa in Ibiza – ideal for vacations and investments

Ibiza is the most popular Balearic Islands of Spain. At the same time, it is also perhaps the most popular among the foreigners to purchase real estate area, their investments and permanent residence on the coast.

Its development in the area of tourism began in the 60s of the last century and since then did not stop.

Villa in Ibiza

It has everything you need for quality recreation and comfortable living: nice landscapes, favorable climate, good infrastructure and loyalty of local residents - all this makes the property in Spain in this region very attractive. But the landscape restrictions don't allow to build infinite properties in this beautiful area of Spain, which creates a competitive environment and severely limits the possibility to buy a villa in Ibiza. The demand, as is known, gives rise to the price, and if it is extremely high, the prices of real estate will be high too.

Villas in Ibiza offer luxury accommodation near the coast and away from it, where the beautiful landscapes, bestowing peace and tranquility are perfectly combined with luxury mansions and their purchase or rental prices.

For a long time known that a house in Ibiza and, in particular, the villa on Ibiza - is the choice of wealthy people. For example, the houses in this region are from 600,000 euros and up, depending on where they are located and what they can offer to its future owners. Modest villa with stunning views of the sea right from the window will cost from 600 thousand to 6 million euros, and it is not the limit, because there is also a luxury property, the cost of which is 1 million and more. This level involves a large yard areas, luxury villa in a few floors, own garden, large swimming pool, tennis court, playground, artificial pond, and other customized solutions.

Whichever property you choose, regardless of its value and your possibilities our experts of Real Estate agency in Ibiza «Ibizahouserentals» will help you to choose appropriate options at the southern Spanish beach!