Villas for sale in Ibiza from the «Ibizahouserentals» Real Estate agency in Ibiza

Investments in Real Estate in Spain, especially in the housing located near the coast, has long been available to customers from around the world. Among various options, buyers choose purchasing villas of different classes.

Villas for sale in Ibiza in Spain and on the islands in the Mediterranean Sea are the most prestigious options in the country's residential real estate. What are they good for? First, they are in isolation from other ones and located in a closed urbanization with security. Second, villas for sale in Ibiza give a great opportunity to relax in the sea at any time convenient for you. Besides, there is no additional cost for accommodation. In addition, it is a profitable investment of the savings since the cost of such facilities is increasing annually.

Villas for sale in Ibiza

Different customers can enjoy the design of villas for sale in Ibiza in Spain. Among them, there are quite economical options with a small number of bedrooms. They have one or two bathrooms, a kitchen and a modest area for a garden. This property will cost you around 500, 000 – 900, 000 euro. For those looking for luxury real estate options and cannot live out of the luxury and large residential areas it is possible to pay attention to the villas at higher prices. A villa can have an area of 1, 000 square meters, residential building with 5-7 bedrooms, several lounges, bathrooms, swimming pools in the backyard and other facilities. This acquisition will cost from 1, 000, 000 euro to 2, 000, 000.

There is also a luxury housing with exclusive design solutions. This option will cost you more than 2, 000, 000 euro but it is worth it. It has a unique interior design, decoration of marble, fine wood, precious metals, and a large garage for several cars. Besides, there is a huge swimming pool, villa's own gym, sauna and more. Some of the villas for sale in Ibiza in Spain can boast the presence of even the hall for banquets and social events. The distinguishing feature of exclusive villas is an excellent view of the sea or the surrounding countryside.

Whichever option you choose, it is necessary to know that the cost of villas for sale in Ibiza in Spain are influenced by three criteria:

1. The location relative to the shoreline;

2. The area where the property is (most affordable is considered to be the villa up to 100 square meters with a small patio or without);

3. The interior trim and the equipment of the house.

If you have already decided to buy villa in Ibiza in Spain, the Real Estate agency in Spain will find for you the perfect option to suit your demands and preferences. Of course, we take into account the financial possibilities of the client.