Spanish villa

Luxury houses in one or more floors are called villas. In Spain, as in other countries, the villas always have adjacent plots where you can find a large number of additional buildings and facilities. The villas for sale in Spain are usually equipped with:

• Garage.

• Utility rooms.

• Expensive furniture.

• Domestic appliances in the kitchen.

• High-quality air-conditioning system.

• Swimming pool and B-B-Q area

The villas are not always close to the sea, but their owners always can relax beside the private swimming pool.

Villas in Spain

What else can you expect when buying a luxury and standard villa in Spain?

Standard and luxury options: the differences

Travelers with different incomes come for holidays to the Mediterranean resorts. The proposals in the property market are also designed for the purchase by the middle class and more affluent citizens. Cheap spanish villa are characterized by:

• Small garden.

• The number of bedrooms.

• The presence of one (maximum three) bathrooms.

• The number of floors.

• Long distance from the sea.

• A standard layout.

The luxury offers start from 500 - 700 thousand euros, and the exclusive houses start from one million euros. In this case, you can count on the presence of terraces, balconies, private office and a large number of rooms for various purposes, made in the original design. For finishing are used only expensive natural materials: marble and rare woods. These villas in Spain are designed for a wealthy audience, which requires:

• Several garages.

• Personal gym.

• Huge swimming pool.

• Sauna.

• A hall for banquets or meetings.

Number of bedrooms and bathrooms in these homes is not limited, but starts usually from four. There also can be several kitchens, and in some cases they even decorated in different styles, spacious lounges and reception. And on the shaded terrace or in the separate dining room you can taste the delicious dishes. All this splendor is in possession of the same family.

If you want a small number of bedrooms in the house by the sea, bedrooms equipped with bathrooms and guest accommodation, it is not difficult find a cheap option. Families of 6 - 8 people can comfortably live in such house. During the construction and finishing is always used the stone - it is a good alternative to a complicated air conditioning system.

In general, all who want to save money and those who are used to a luxury life, will definitely find a villa in Spain