Renting villa in Ibiza

Some vacationers with short budgets tend to rent dachas near theirhometowns, but those who are not accustomed to count money rent a villa in Ibiza, because the resort has long-gained notoriety of being fashionable and convenient place for the rich and famous.

Stereotypes developed long years suggest to us that the hotel reservation, even the most expensive in the resort, is the best solution for a quality vacation, but it is not so. Quite the opposite - renting a villa in Ibizais the perfect option for your gorgeous holiday! When you go to the sea with a family or a company planning a beach holiday during the day and evening gatherings around the barbecue, the villa is your option. It is the only way you can be ensured to have privacy, quietness and comfort.

Renting a villa in Ibiza is available almost for all tourists

Many tourists think that renting a villa in Ibiza is not possible since it is very expensive but it is not true. Of course, Ibiza is considered to be an expensive resort where real estate is largely owned by the rich and famous. However,many ordinary holidaymakers can easily find such objects that they can afford, especially since such housing will be cheaper than the hotel.

It is quite simple to explain the fact that renting a villa in Ibiza is cheaper than several hotel rooms. First, rental price does not include linen, and some other additional services. Only you can decide whether to pay for any additional services or you can do without them. Second, the food in the hotel can beunnecessary extra waste of money as the island has a lot of restaurants and cafes. There is absolutely no need to tie yourself to a specific timetable, especially on vacation. Besides, many vacationers prefer to eat fruits and vegetables, as well as miss heavy meals. Third, renting villa in Ibiza presupposes having a personal swimming pool, a green garden and great home decor. Here you can listen to music, sing your karaoke, have fun until the dawn, swim in the pool and do a lot of other things, which may be unacceptable in the hotel, and it will not disturb your neighbors.

The cost of renting a villa in many respects depends on the location of the property, as well as nearest infrastructure and its closeness to the beach and entertainment facilities. Villas in the southern part of the island is usually more expensive than those that are located in the quieter north. If you are looking for a villa in Ibiza, we advise you to pay attention to both northern and southern coasts and choose the object for renting based on your preferences and finances.